Everyone fights.

Whether it’s with your family, your friends or your enemy. You may hate having that awkwardness but one way or another, you will have to deal with them. A personal experience that I went through today was with my mom. We got into an argument about my academics in school. If you don’t already know, I transferred to a new school in a new country, new continent. It was and still is extremely difficult for me to adjust because I used to live in Canada. I am used to slacking off and still getting an A, boys and girls sitting with each other during lunch, a very defined social hierarchy, and more. After I came here, I noticed that there is 10 times the pressure. Everyone seems to be attending academies almost everyday, and studying until 3 in the morning every night. As I was saying before, my mom took me to this french academy. The woman there was constantly saying the same thing ‘your daughter needs a lot of work..her old school didn’t do it right’. I understand that the teacher wanted to be honest but was it really necessary to say it in a demeaning tone at least 5 times? No, I think not. I tried to indirectly send her a message saying ‘I get can stop now‘. Apparently, I made it way too obvious..As I arrived home, my mom told me that it was completely embarrassing to sit there and listen to a stranger criticize me. My first thought: “How do you think I felt?”. Of course no one is able to completely 100% understand the mind of another, but putting yourself in the shoes of someone else is a¬† skill you should have. She continuously criticized me and made me feel guilty. I finally understood this saying: “The straw that breaks my back” because everything just kept piling. Once I had enough, I just broke out in tears and went out for some air. I called one of my bestest friends Jung L***. He talked to me about a lot of things and he helped me get through this. I would like to thank him and let him know that I am extremely grateful of what he does for me. Of course after my mom and I made up after but I’m still a little bit upset.

Things to learn from this experience: BEHIND EVERY SINGLE CLOUD IS A SILVER LINING.



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