happy thanksgiving

I’m thankful for:

A soul that’s blessed with purity and generosity. I’m thankful that everyone I’ve grew up with is alive today. I’m thankful for being a son and a brother. I’m thankful for having parents that love each other unconditionally, despite the distance and the once-a-year reunion. I’m thankful for having a place to live, a school to attend, teachers that care, friends that are there when needed, dinners that are actually homemade; all of which I cherish and never take for granted.

I’m thankful for having people that motivate me and be the motive behind my motivation.

I’m thankful for having a hero, my dad, that encourages me everyday to trust my struggle and considers treating possibilities as probabilities. I’m thankful for having Her in my life, that one special person that pushes me everyday to strive for the better, both physically and mentally.

I’m thankful for the changes I’ve made to myself that help established a better me. I’m thankful for keeping myself sane and blithe, even at the most bothersome moment. I’m thankful for never got involved in any sort of drugs.

Thank you


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