canadian stereotype


1. Canadians live in igloos.

2. Canadians ride moose.

3. Canadians say ‘aboot’ instead of about.

4. Canadians say ‘eh’ after everything.

5. Canadians are fake versions of Americans.

6. Canadians eat maple syrup all day and nothing else.

7. Canadians are lumberjacks.

8. Canadians drink a lot of beer.

9. Canadian teenagers don’t care about school.

10. Canadians grow and smoke marijuana.


These are just a few of the Canadian stereotypes and because I’ve lived there for so long, people make a lot of jokes about being a Canadian. It is funny at times, when I came here, everyone asked me if I had internet, of if I know what a car is. But these days, I feel like Canadians shouldn’t be portrayed like this. We are not ‘fake versions of Americans’ and we are just as involved in the political world as many other countries. Even if the jokes are funny, I hope that people will also realize that we are extremely intelligent.



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