dream BIG .

My first MUN experience ended November 6th, 2010. I had the honor of attending SEOMUN 13 at SKK University and it was so amazing. I was part of a conference with 500 other people from international schools from Korea, China and Japan. The whole thing had a lot of people but we were seperated into groups and I was in the Special Conference Committee where we debated the economy of lesser economically developed countries. We had multiple heated discussions and great questions. One of the main things that I remember is Dr. Paul Jhin. He is part of the ITCO (Information and Technology Corps) and he is planning on sending 500 computers all around the world. He made an inspiring speech about having big goals in the opening ceremony which really moved me. Dr. Jhin put up his email on his last name so I frantically looked for a pen and wrote it down. As soon as I got home, I opened my computer and sent him an email. I wrote about how touched I was because he talked about having big dreams. I was waiting for his email during the night and the morning after, being the impatient person that I am, and he didn’t email me back. I was a little disappointed because I thought he would appreciate that a student, such as myself, was so moved my his speech. But I figured that he is such a busy person, he’s got presidents calling on him all the time, he wouldn’t have time to write back to a petty email sent by a sophomore. On the second day of SEOMUN, I was sitting in my chair when I got a note from the president of the forum to go talk to Mr. Duncan outside. I was a little nervous on why my economic teacher felt the need to take me out during the conference, but I went outside anyways. He had a big smile on his face which instantly made me think of the two words: Good News. He said “You’re not in trouble, don’t worry, you’re going to like this.” A couple seconds later, I see Dr. Paul Jhin walking towards me. My heart started to race 100 beats per millisecond and I could feel my legs shaking. Dr. Jhin sees me as well and he immediately hugs me and thanks me for the email. The words going through my head so far were: asdfjaieofjaiowefjawieojOHMYFREAKINGGOODNESSaeigjaoeifjaieojf. I could not believe someone who shook the hands of Ronald Reagon was hugging me. I felt so honored and felt so happy that he came to visit me. We took a couple pictures together and he gave me his business card and thanked me once again. He told me he had to leave for the National Assembly, but I totally understood because him coming here was enough for me. I definitely had the biggest smile on my face the whole day. I would like to once again thank Dr. Paul Jhin for such a great surprise.


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