My first social at KIS.

Three words to describe the night: full of dancing, fun, loud. It was such a fun night, I could really tell that the student council worked really hard. That is what I love about KIS. No matter how much work people have, they show their dedication for their extra curricular activities. The music, the lights, the smoke machine and the haunted house was a perfect combination to start off the exciting year of 2010. This social definitely got me excited for the Winter Ball. The dresses, the snow, the suits–the day will be perfect. I imagine it’ll be not too cold or windy, and snow lightly falls. My friends and I will get ready together, listening to loud music, putting on make up and zipping up each others dresses. We arrive at the dance and everyone looks beautiful. The songs start to play, the bass booming loud in the speakers gets me and my friends dancing. We dance so much that we almost can’t feel our legs, but it’s the good type of pain.

..maybe I’m expecting too much…

My expectation of KIS dances have definitely gone up!


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